Thursday, January 30, 2020

Issues Faced by Honda Essay Example for Free

Issues Faced by Honda Essay The 3 issues that are faced by Honda is the conflict between Toyota. Honda is the 1st company developed hybrid not the Toyota but by stubbornly sticking to a bare-bones system, it long a go lost its leadership to its number one Japanese rival. Honda is suffering at the very moment when its two main Japanese rivals are thriving. Toyota is getting a jolt of energy from Aiko Toyoda, scion of the founding family, while the ever-energetic Carlos Ghosn has made Nissan the leader in electric cars. Which perhaps illustrates another part of Honda’s problem is Honda is lack of genius and they need to find more engineers to help them figure out the new model or engine to solve the problem. Second the issue that faced by Honda is supply resources from other country. Honda do needs supplyment resources from other country such as Thailand, Japan and so on. Due to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami and flooding in Thailand, it had made Honda lack of resources to do their accesoory and requirement from engine. This make their enemy company such as Nissan, Toyota, BMW to have a chance to sell more cars compare to Honda. Honda do needs to wait for the supplier to give them the resources hence make the sales from honda drop. Lastly the issue that faced by Honda is Honda lack of funds. They did not go and find other company to help them. Honda has spent months struggling with shortages of most of its products- nortably including the all-new Civic it launched earlier in the year, just before a devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Japan and seriously damaged that nation’s automative infrastructure. It will be very difficult for Honda to make the sales increase.

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